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Freeview inteference from traffic

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Old 28-10-2013, 08:17
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We live in a rural area & opposite a motor racing venue & ever since the introduction of digital TV we have suffered with signal break up on occasions when the hill climb is being used, mainly historic type events.
My theory is that with the old analogue signal all motor vehicles had to be fitted with suppressors to prevent interference to the analogue signal but these problems were not investigated properly, if at all, prior to the role out of digital TV.
Is anyone one else suffering with signal break up from traffic?
Who do you complain too?
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Old 28-10-2013, 09:08
Nigel Goodwin
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Car's are normally fitted with suppressors anyway, but in historic competition events some of the vehicles may not be.

How strong are you signals?, it might be just that they are too weak so easily affected.

The BBC are now responsible for interference complaints, previously it was OFCOM - you might have a read of this:

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