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How to get jarvis in the uk

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Old 31-10-2013, 23:10
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Hi all I have had the iron man 3 app JERVIS for a week or so now and YES I'm IN THE UK and I will tell you all how to get it and once I tell you how you will kick yourself for not figuring it out so here we go

Step 1 open iTunes
Step 2 select account and change your location from uk to us
Put any info in you like no need for any credit card details
Step 3 select App Store and search for jarvis then download it
Step 4 connect your iphone and sync it job done
Have fun i suggest tapping the main menu in the jervis app as he gets quite annoyed lol
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Old 02-11-2013, 00:52
big brother 9
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Whats jervis?
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