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PSN store pricing

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Old 05-11-2013, 02:58
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I've just noticed that the US store and retail prices are the same for new releases. (Using COD Ghosts as an example at $59.99 on store and from amazon.com)

Does anyone know why our store charges 59.99 against usual retail prices of 40ish?
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Old 05-11-2013, 04:33
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Most retailers in the UK sell games at a discounted price. Most PS3/360 games have an RRP of 49.99. Call Of Duty, FIFA and a few other EA titles have an RRP of 54.99.

I don't usually look at US prices but $59.99 is the RRP for most PS3/360 games.

The PSN store prices are set by the publisher. They are usually higher than the discounted retail prices because retailers view the lower prices as anti-competitive and will take certain steps to deter Sony (or Nintendo/Microsoft) from continuing that trend (obviously sales and promotions are exempt from this).

It has happened before where a PS3 game was released digitally at a significantly cheaper price than at retail. The retailers complained and removed disc versions of the game (Warhawk - published by Sony) from their shelves until Sony increased the digital price.
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Old 05-11-2013, 12:10
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Just think soon this will be the future of (getting your) gaming too...
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