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A Thread For Anyone, Any Gigs, and A More General Discussion of Everything (Part 4)

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Old Yesterday, 12:02
Derek Faye
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The awful demo was leaked in December and I thought that that would be it.

Now when this song was listed as a song for the album, I gasped.

Anyway today it's leaked in it's final form and it's probably worse than the demo, at least the demo had a beat behind it. This version has been 'Illuminatied'.

I don't think we're allowed to post links are we? but it's probably on youtube by now
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Old Yesterday, 13:01
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Crikey Derek, why are you so obsessed with this song have posted how much you hate this song several times in the last month? Where have you heard the final version? Do we know if it just another demo or mix before the final version? Which of the Madonna 6 songs released on iTunes do you really like? and which of the demos are you looking forward to hearing in their final form?
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