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Old 19-11-2013, 02:39
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I have freeview on my tv built in but I want freeview HD, is there a way to do this cheaply without taking up too much space? the freeview HD boxes seem kinda bulky.

Also, my old Sony TV doesn't have any usb ports and I'd like to connect a external hard drive to it to play MP4, AVI and MP3 files, is there any cheap space saving solution to do this? (without using my laptops hdmi) someone mentioned the WDTV media player but that is kind of pricey..
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Old 19-11-2013, 09:39
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The most compact stb I have come across is the TVonics from Richer Sounds, it's only 24cm x 18cm, it also comes with a 500Gb hard drive, it's 99.

Unless you have a PS3 or Xbox I doubt you'll find a media sever cheaper than WDTV.

Have a look on eBay, they go for around 40 new, if you're lucky you could pick up one in an auction much cheaper.

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