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The Day of the Doctor - Appreciation thread

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Old 26-11-2013, 14:10
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Thought I'd start a thread for this magnificent episode of Doctor Who for purely positive comments. I'm well aware that certain fans had their complaints about it and there are plenty of threads for that.

For me however, this was the greatest episode of Doctor Who in history and I don't care who disagrees with that (take it up with me on another thread ) and deserves a tribute thread.

For me if I could some the episode up in one word, it'd be "perfect". I had a sneaky feeling that Tom Baker might appear so of course I almost wrote a scene in my head for how I'd want him to appear. The episode itself beat that hands down. Tom's appearance was perfectly enigmatic and I couldn't have written anything better.

I also LOVED the appearance from our next hero, Peter Capaldi. I know that's dividing opinion on here but in my opinion The Day of the Doctor was not just a glance at the past (and quite rightly so because that side of things was brillaint) but a nod at the future and to have Capaldi make a very brief cameo was fantastic. It didn't give anything away, simply that this was the man taking over and we look forward to him.

Also to those saying Joanna Page's Welsh accent shone through too much to be Elizabeth I...Get over it! She fitted in between all the Doctors wonderfully and her tint of a Welsh accent didn't bother me one bit, she looked the part.

There are so many wonderful things about the episode that I could write about but for me it was the most magnificent, brilliant, fantastic piece of television in history and I loved every minute of it!
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Old 26-11-2013, 14:26
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Thank you for a moan free environment. There should be more awareness of the terrible health risks of passive moaning.

Joanna Page was good, but she'll never replace Miranda Richardson for me as the definitive Queenie.
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Old 26-11-2013, 14:29
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I loved it. Plenty of pleasing moments, plenty of plot puzzles to keep my brain active for possibly weeks on end, plenty of joy.
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Old 26-11-2013, 14:32
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Joanna Page was good, but she'll never replace Miranda Richardson for me as the definitive Queenie.
All Liz's talk of executions and beheadings did remind me of Blackadder. As for the Welsh twang in her voice, rumour is that Liz could speak Welsh herself (her Grandfather, Henry VII, was a Welshie).
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Old 26-11-2013, 14:38
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It was amazing episode with David and Matt and John Hurt. I cant wait til the dvd .
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Old 26-11-2013, 14:44
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I have been amusing myself with many live reaction videos on The YouTube. I love the amazement at "Calling the War Council of Gallifrey" and "all thirteen!" Followed by the many tears at "I think you still might" and "I have a new destination."

I share in these feelings. For me, it was a superb anniversary episode. Lots of nods and tributes to the past while setting a hopeful course for the future - culminating in arguably the highest point in The Doctor's life since 2005. I have a feeling that Christmas is going to be far from joyful, so I would like to remember 11 and Smith for his performance opposite Tom Baker and standing alongside his previous incarnations. How proud he looks.

It was obviously very funny and extremely entertaining. I may not have thought the Zygon plot was all that, but I still enjoyed it. Plus, I thought it was Jenna's best performance so far - which helped to lift it a little bit higher considering her importance in the story. I don't really have much to add on Piper - only that The Moment could have been used to represent companions which the War Doctor would actually recognise. Perhaps that would have made a bit more sense.

At the cinema, The Day of The Doctor was definitely the best sitting of an episode I have experienced. Very memorable and for a Moffat episode - quite a lot of heart.

For a few minutes, it wasn't about the actors coming back and being thrown in to costume.. it was about all of the characters returning for a pivotal moment in the history of his homeworld. As Russell The Davies might say - marvellous.

Then there's Peter Capaldi... and the First Doctor mentioning Gallifrey.
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Old 26-11-2013, 15:11
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Join Date: Nov 2009
Location: Southampton
Posts: 11,521
It was amazing episode with David and Matt and John Hurt. I cant wait til the dvd .
My mum's been asking me for weeks what I want for Christmas and I've just not been bothered and I texted her on Sunday and just said "Day of the Doctor, out for Christmas, so you know"
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Old 26-11-2013, 19:49
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I'm not really a serious Dr Who fan these days, I haven't really watched any episodes since Christopher Eccleston's time. But I watched Day of the Doctor for old times sake and agree that it was very good.

John Hurt, in particular, gave an extraordinary performance.
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Old 26-11-2013, 20:02
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It was wonderful. I left the first viewing somewhat unsure how much I loved it. Rewatching has been richly rewarding and this for me is the sign of a great episode. I missed so much first time around as I was almost too excited and too anxious for it to be amazing.

I note from my own anecdotal experience that this episode really appealed to everyone despite being a fan fest. In fact I have seen more griping from the 'hardcore' and alot more joy from the 'casuals' at least among people I know.

And to look at those figures for viewing and cinemas! It gives one a lovely ready brek glow.
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Old 26-11-2013, 22:27
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I thought it was brilliant, the best episode for years. It exceeded all my expectations. I always like multi Doctor stories anyway because they're always so abrasive with each other, and I thought Matt, David and John's banter was fantastic (I'll admit that I was looking forward to seeing David more than anyone else, and he was brilliant IMO!)

On top of that, I thought it was a very good story. I like the fact that Clara's stopped being an enigma, and she's settled into being the Doctor's good friend. The whole subplot with Rose was very clever, without overwhelming the narrative. And, like any great story, the best was kept til last - Capaldi's amazing eyes, T Baker's wonderful cameo, and the scene right at the end...oh heck, I need to see it again now...
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Old 27-11-2013, 00:19
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I've bored myself silly moaning about parts of the story that I didn't like on other threads so for the sake of this thread I'll just mention the bits that I did love. The ending with all thirteen Doctors rescuing Gallifrey and that meeting with The Curator!! There were plenty of laugh out loud moments between Matt Smith and David Tennant too. Oh and the bits of the Time War that we did see looked really impressive on the big screen too.
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Old 27-11-2013, 01:41
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There are so many things I love about this episode. It felt like a film, the way it was done was so brilliantly and lovingly crafted. All throughout there are little teasers to the past and every re-watch you discover something new (I recently discovered River's red heels). I think all the cast do a sterling job, with all three Doctors being absolutely immense throughout. The more grown up, grumpy John Hurt perfectly compliments the childishness of 10 and 11 and it feels natural. He criticises them for not being grown up but he's the reason they act the way they do, in many ways he defines them. I thought Billie was excellent as the Moment and I liked the way they played down her role to an extent, so the entire thing didn't become a Rose fest (sorry Rose fans). I thought UNIT were excellently portrayed here, both the good and bad sides of them. Elizabeth 1 is the only minor niggle for me.

And Clara. For me, Jenna Coleman steals the episode. Her interactions with all three Doctors are amazing, even if she doesn't get much time with 10. I love the witch scene, I love the set up and the scene where she convinces 11 to save Gallifrey is stunning. I love how she absolutely in that moment represents every companion the show has had. Because simply, none of his companions would stand by and watch him burn Gallifrey.

But of course, the Moff is the King. Not only does the dialogue make you laugh and cry but the plot is pure genius. I absolutely loved the way he saved Gallifrey and just the simple fact he saved Gallifrey was incredible in itself.

Throw in some stunning cameos from T.Baker and Capaldi, some beautiful character moments, an excellent set of villains in the Zygons and you have the makings of the best Doctor Who episode of all time. I laughed, I cried, I applauded at one point. I am going to watch this over and over again. Because it is brilliant.
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Old 27-11-2013, 19:32
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I loved it - although I've enjoyed the MS era, I haven't enjoyed an episode so much for ages.

When Joanna Page said - I may have the body of a weak and feeble woman - perhaps Richard Curtis lent a hand with that line - direct quote by Queenie (Miranda Richardson) from Blackadder 2 episode "Beer"

Loved the Troughton quote from the 3 Doctors when DT was in MS Tardis - you've redocorated, I don't like it!

Lots of little references to the past, pictures of old characters - a real nostalgia-fest, good story and a pointer to the next few years ahead.

I posted the below in a separate thread which sums up how I felt:

I too was moved to tears when Tom Baker appeared. Although the first Doctor I saw was Jon Pertwee, I always regarded Tom as "my" Doctor.

His appearance brought it all back, the booming voice, the staring eyes, the undefinable charisma of the guy has not waned - I was transported back to the late 70's for a few minutes. In that time he was on the screen, the reasons why I have always loved the programme came flooding back to me.

I've watched the show since it came back in 2005 and thought CE, DT (in particular) and MS , and of course JH have all been great.

But just seeing Tom again, to me he is the greatest Doctor of them all
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Old 27-11-2013, 20:26
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I loved that line from Blackadder too!
I didn't understand either all the criticism of Joanna Page.
Yes, another actress might have put the character across better, but she seemed fine to me, and I wasn't even worried about her accent.
In fact I went back and re-watched all her scenes very critically once I read all the gripes, and I still can't hear that she sounds particularly Welsh the vast majority of the time.
There have been far, far worse acting performances in Doctor Who, believe me!
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Old 27-11-2013, 20:51
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A very good episode - Which will be watched over and over I am sure.

My fave bit, "What are you going to do? assemble cabinets at them?" - brill!!!
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Old 27-11-2013, 20:51
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It was amazing episode with David and Matt and John Hurt. I cant wait til the dvd .
It was a superlative performance from John Hurt and l only wish that both he and Paul McGann had been able to do full series as incarnations of the Doctor.
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