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Robotman by Jim Meddick with Jason Voorhees

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Digitalspy has loads of members so I thought I'd ask this here as there's bound to be an old fan of the Jim Merrick strip (that was renamed Monty in 2001).

In the mid 90s there was a Sunday colour strip involving Robotman sat on the sofa watching a scary movie on tv with Jason Voorhees in the background, axe in hand.

I've had it in mind to have this strip for almost 20 years now so I'm hoping there might just be someone out there who (1) was a fan of Robotman and (2) remembers this strip and maybe (3) has one of the compilations (which one I know not) that contains this strip and can (4) get me a copy.

Just thought I'd ask.

btw: Jason turns up again in a series of the weekday strips, but I've got that.
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