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Alexandra Burke - The Silence underrated?

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Old 16-09-2014, 14:13
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I know I'm late to the party but I brought this on a whim recently and wow what an album! Every song is good and different, there is absolutely no fillers. Far better than Britney's, Rihanna's or any other more well known 'pop diva's recent albums.

Ke$ha Rose is severely underrated.
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Old 16-09-2014, 15:33
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It's a good album but i think the fact she never moved on from her image and sound of the album first album is why i think she flopped with it

Although there has been some bother with this album. Kesha has confirmed Warrior was not the album she wanted to make and that Dr Luke took over completley. There is a spat going on with her and Luke, and her mother also claimed that Dr Luke pressured her to lose weight which led to rehab early in the year. Fans even set up a petition to free her from his management.
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Old 16-09-2014, 15:47
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Such an underrated album. Only had to delete that awful Iggy Pop mess and Wonderland and it flowed perfectly after that. Supernatural should've been a single.
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Old 16-09-2014, 17:44
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Great album, i loved it and the tour was great fun

Wonderland is my favorite song on it
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Old 17-09-2014, 13:10
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I am a huge Kesha fan and liked every single song. Past Lives from the deluxe edition is a cool one.
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