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Can't send of receive files via Bluetooth

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Old 02-02-2014, 21:22
The Wizard
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I bought my dad a cheap Prestigio Multipad 10.1 tab for Christmas. The spec says it comes with Bluetooth for sending and receiving files but I can't get it to work. It's keeps coming up with an error about no FTP protocol found or something like that.

I can pair my Galaxy S2 and my Acer iconia tab to the Prestigo tablet but when I try to send anything it keeps failing. I've downloaded an app called Bluetooth File Transfer from the play store and tried to send a file from my Acer tablet and this time it appeared to send and got no error messages but when I checked on the Prestigio it wasn't receiving anything and the Bluetooth folder was empty.

When I tried to send a file from my Galaxy S2 it just kept saying transfer failed yet I know my hardware is fine because I can send and receive files between my other devices, just not the Prestigio. Any ideas?
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