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Old 19-02-2014, 12:50
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At the moment I use Disposable Heroes Comics and it is a great service, but I was wondering if there was any websites where you can say what comics you would like to recieve on a rolling subscription and they either bill you when they receive stock then dispatch or email you when it arrives and you can add more when you want, just so you dont have to go through the ordering process everytime.
Sorry seems a bit long winded for such a simple question.
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Old 02-06-2014, 08:21
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(another late Disposable Heroes response)
iiuc the Disposable people DO offer this service and I, with my set titles each month (ish), looked into setting this up. 5mins later I thought "maybe not", too darn complicated for me. And with their preordering system that lets you order stuff (iirc) 2 months in advance, well I just log on at the start of each month, fill me basket and I'm done

nb: though I now remember to check the description of each comic I'm buying (the story summary) because that often tells you if the titles is, say, part 3 in a story arc. Then if parts 1+2 and 4+ are in titles I'm NOT following I can order those ones too
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