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Ipod Problem

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Old 15-06-2006, 00:21
Final Score
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Hi there everyone, I'm sorry to trouble you with this problem in this forum but I thought if anyone could help me it would be in here.

I installed the Software from an Ipod 'shuffle' into my PC, I bought my partner a Nano Ipod, this would not work with the 'shuffle' software so I downloaded the 'Nano' software.
Then I downloaded the music from the PC onto my 'Nano' the Nano was working well.
I charged up the 'Shuffle' from the PC. As it was charging info came on the screen saying did I want the more up-to-date Ipod software, I clicked yes and it downloaded fine.

Later I go to charge up my Nano, it charged but ended up with a white screen with and error e-mail detail. The PC once again asked it I needed new Ipod software, I tried to download this but it still has the error on the screen.

My question is can I reset the Nano to factory settings so I can re-install the original software from (is so how?) or have you got anyidea how I can get rid of the message

Here's hoping someone can help

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Old 15-06-2006, 00:59
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I have just wrote a reply in your other thread about the same thing

Your other thread

I hope this works for you.
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