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Ipod nano 2nd gen music probs

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Old 18-10-2007, 12:29
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Can someone please help. Is it possible to edit the music file so it does not take up alot of space on my ipod. I have a 2gb one and for some reason it only allowed my to sync 47 songs over then said it was full. please please help as missing some of my fav music thanks.

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Old 19-10-2007, 19:43
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In iTunes, click edit then preferences. Advanced tab, then importing. Import Using: AAC Encoder and 128kbps. General tab: change the itunes folder to anywhere but where it is. click ok. Highlight all the songs in your library and right click and convert selection to AAC. when this is done, delete all the songs in your library, but ensure you keep the files. Import songs from where you changed the default itunes folder to. when all the songs are back in, go back to edit, advanced, general and click reset then OK. on the top row, it says file, edit.. advanced. click advanced then consoldate library. you can delete the itunes folder where you made it, but dont delete the default one where it is now.
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