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Port forwarding, new Sky router?

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Old 20-11-2007, 11:25
Overlook Hotel
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Hi folks, well i thought it was too good to be true, old isp refused connection this morning, connect new grey Sky router, connected 1st time no problem...

Just can't get my head around forwarding ports for uTorrent

I thought i had it sussed but utorrent says no ports open & no one can connect

Also i have had to revert back to auto assigned IP & for a few app & reasons i need static...could this be part of my port forwading prob?

To use a static ip i guess its just a case of changing values to be in the 192.168.0.* range, but with my prev isp i also had to put in manual dns ip addresses too, does anyone know sky's dns ip's?


Kind of answered part of my own question, if i select Auto assigned ip address it seems fine, port forward wise, i just need to suss out how to set up a static ip now?
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Old 20-11-2007, 14:02
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Try that
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