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Restore to Factory Settings no cd?

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Old 16-03-2008, 19:30
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I'm planning on restoring my laptop Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi1505 to it's orginal settings. I don't seem to have a recovery CD with it, only a drivers and utilities CD.

Would anybody know how to restore back to factory settings?

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Old 16-03-2008, 20:10
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Restoring the system from the hard disk

Your personal data could be lost during restoration of the factory default settings. The
operating system is restored on the system partition on which the factory default
settings were installed. Data on other partitions or hard disks is unaffected by this
restore processes. Should your system be attacked by 'uninvited guests' from the Net,
such as viruses, reformat all hard disks and restore your system with the system restore
disks provided with the computer or which you have created.
Caution If you would like to set up a RAID system on your PC or notebook, you must
create your system restore disks before you do so.
If you need to use these disks, it may first be necessary to terminate the
RAID connection.
Please also note that, in the case of RAID systems already installed, it is
possible that restoring the hard disk as described below may not function.
Caution! Personal data could be lost during restoration of the factory default settings.

Proceed as follows to restore the factory default settings:

1. Turn your machine on
If the PC is already running, switch the machine off, wait for a moment and then
switch it on again.
2. During the boot process, press the F8 key at very frequent intervals, until the menu
"Advanced Boot Options" appears. Repeat this process if necessary in order to
gain access to this menu.
3. The "Advanced Boot Options" menu will offer you the "Repair your Computer"
function. If this is not the case, use the up/down keys (����) to select "Repair your
Computer" and confirm with the Enter key.
4. Once Windows has loaded a few files, "System Recovery Options" will appear.
Under "Select a language" and "Select a keyboard layout:" specify the language
and keyboard layout. As a rule, the language will be automatically recognised by
the system and is marked in grey. Click on "Next".
5. Under "User name:" enter the user name and the "Password". The user name will
also be available in the selection menu and can be called up by clicking on the
black triangle. If you have not assigned a password for the user selected, leave the
"Password" field empty. Then click on "OK".
6. In the following "System Recovery Options" menu, select the option "Fujitsu
Siemens Computers Recovery" with the sub-item "Easy backup and recovery
of your system".
7. In the next menu, select "Restore the as-delivered status" and click on "Next".
8. In the menu "Restore factory default settings", choose the option "From hard
disk (recommended)" from "Select source" and confirm with "Next".
9. The next message informs you that all data could be lost. Once you have
confirmed this message, your system is restored.
On completion of the restoration process, a confirmation message will be
10. Select "Exit" to close the process.
11. In the following "System Recovery Options" menu, select
12. After the restart, you must make some adjustments. To do this, follow the onscreen
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