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whats the point of the network connection-Panasonic Viera TV?

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Old 18-01-2009, 19:16
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I have a Panasonic Viera TX-37LZD81 It has a network connection and Ihave connected it to my wired network. It shows as connected on the router and the TV . So what can i do? The remote does not have a Viera cast button which supposedly gives you access to certain online websites like youtube and Amazon (other ranges apparently have this button) The manual does not mention anything you can do other than how to connect it and Panasonic website has no information (that I can find) on how to make any use of it. CAn I send movies to the Tv over my network like a slingbox, can I surf? How and what can I do???
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Old 18-01-2009, 19:29
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What does the manual say? Does it say something like"for future use"?
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Old 18-01-2009, 20:38
Bryan Spink
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It's probably the same as on a Freesat box. i.e. "For Future Use" This will probably be for BBC iPlayer in the near future (See the Freesat forum)
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Old 18-01-2009, 22:30
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Perhaps you need to connect it to a media server on a PC or a standalone device or a DNLA certified NAS drive.
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Old 19-01-2009, 10:10
niall campbell
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the way forward at some point for the home network
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Old 19-01-2009, 18:07
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if it has an ethernet connection, its got to have a network card, & some sort of processing inside, like a mini-pc, otherwise it wont be able to do anything with the data coming in.
it takes sd cards, so it has 'some' processing capability.

from the panasonic site:
A PC interface used to connect computers and peripherals in a Local Area Network (LAN). Huge amounts of data can be transmitted quickly over ethernet cables up to 10,000,000 bits-per-second is possible. The latest Panasonic Hard Disk Recorders feature ethernet connectors so that they can be incorporated in a LAN.

Unlimited videos and pictures from YouTube and Picasa Web Albums plus financial updates and local weather. No PC or external boxes required. Built-in web menu that self-updates as new content becomes available.


thats from August 2008 though

maybe its not going to be launched outside of USA?
looking on their american site, there is only 1 model with Viera Cast
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Old 21-01-2009, 03:28
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As the TX-37LZD81 is a Freesat enabled set,the Network connection is required to fulfil the Freesat spec for future use.-See page 35,Advanced settings,Network set-up in your User Manual!-Quote-"Sets the network settings fo future applications from broadcasters to enable greater interactivity and added features for Freesat services".
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